ONE | Sleeping Flags

In Ireland there are more protocols around how we treat the flag than those who gave everything for it. Help O.N.E. provide a safe space for the homeless defence forces veterans who served under the tricolour so proudly. About O.N.E.


How O.N.E. makes a difference

provided for homeless
veterans every night
kept safely off the streets to date
a year between O.N.E. homes in
Letterkenny, Athlone and Dublin
of homeless veterans supported
move on to permanent housing
10% of donations target

About O.N.E.

Following the deaths of three homeless Defence Forces veterans sleeping rough on the streets of Dublin, O.N.E. (the Organisation of National Ex-service personnel) has worked tirelessly to ensure it doesn't happen again.

Our homeless hostels have provided a safe, supportive place for over 900 veterans to date, with many of those suffering from depression, disabilities and PTSD. These are individuals who served the Tricolour with pride in conflict zones around the world, as the U.N.'s most distinguished peacekeepers, at home during The Troubles, or in ensuring the safety and stability of the State, yet received little recognition or support when their service came to an end.

As an independent charity we rely heavily on donations. With your help we can keep our doors open and our country's homeless veterans off the streets, now and in the future.